Data Analysis

We help our clients make more informed decisions based on data.

Data Analysis can come in many forms and using a variety of tools and techniques.

Some of the analysis we currently are providing are:

  • Brand Analysis: We can audit your online brand and suggest if it can be improved e.g. web site and social media audits including  Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions recommendations. This can take the form of specific campaigns or company wide projects.
  • Market/Industry Data Analysis: We help you understand your market better.  We can conduct key word and trending analysis so that you are up to date with current technologies, innovations and shifts that may effect you.
  • Competitive Analysis:  We can study and analyse your competitors online strategies and make recommendation if you can learn from them.
  • Skills  Analysis:  We help you under the entire key word ecosystem around specific skill set and we analyse how you can use this data to improve your sourcing and branding strategies.
  • Sourcing Strategy Analysis: We audit and make recommendations on your sourcing strategy.
  • Team Capability Analysis: We can assist you analyse the capabilities of your recruitment teams and suggest what training plans they should take to increase their internet recruitment skills.


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