Job Description Optimisation and Lead Generation

The Challenge:

One of our clients is a large executive recruitment agency that recently took on a role from one of the main newspapers in the coutry to find a head of sales role.  We were asked to analyse the job description and develop a list of 20 candidates that could be found on LinkedIn in Dublin, London and the US that could do the job.

The Result:

  • We ran key word search engine analytics  on the title of the role and quickly found out it was inappropriate and needed to be changed if it was to be more visable
  • We recommended highly trafficed keywords that should be used in the job description
  • We developed a top 20 list of LinkedIn groups to advertise in
  • We analysed the online media competitive market and came up with a company hit list of 35 and a specific candidate hit list of 20 for the company to approach.


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