Lead Generation, Market Analysis and Training at Deloitte


  • Deloitte were given a very difficult time line to develop a candidate pipeline for a senior executive role with a client of theirs that they were provide executive recruitment services.  The project involved analysing globally the marketplace for senior executives with online sales management experience
  • The management team also were seeking to train their internal team on the latest innovations in sourcing and social media
  •  Recruitovate took a 2 day consultancy contract which provided in 20 qualified leads being identified for the recruiters in Deloitte to quickly contact
  • It also involves a market analysis of what titles where being used in a list of 50 top companies it was felt that talent existed
  • Also, advice was offered at leveaging an online PPC campaign through LinkedIn to source candidates
  • The entire Irish Deloitte recruitment team were given one day’s intensive sourcing training.