Helping HubSpot to set up its international HR office in Dublin

Hubspot is a new and exciting marketing software development company backed by Google, Salesforce and the Sequoia Fund. It has over 300+ employees in the US as is one of the fastest growing US software companies in the last 5 years to come out of the East Coast of America with 6000% revenue growth last year.


  • They wanted to quickly hire 25 employees in their new International HQ in Dublin
  • They wanted to get contracts and benefits in place for their new hires and make 15 internal transfers from the US to Ireland to kick start the office
  • They needed a detailed recruitment strategy and someone to drive it
  • They needed local help implementing a sourcing strategy that included using job boards, agencies, LinkedIn and driving referrals as well as conducting interviews
  • They needed assistance setting up a world class HR department with guidance around local comp and benefits, policies, procedures and training
We took a one week trip to Boston to get to know the management team and then quickly designed a sourcing strategy for its needs in Ireland. We targeted local recruitment agencies for them to use and also local job boards. We started to drive a pipeline quickly and assisted with conducting interviews, advising on contract offerings and negotiations.