Finding plastic engineers and electrical engineers to come to Galway

The Challenge:

CCP Recruitment in Galway wanted to learn how to use search engines and Boolean logic to hunt for passive candidates on the web using Google, Bing and LinkedIn.

We spend two days in Galway training their team on how to use the latest tools and techniques using the Irish Recruiters Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) and Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter (ACIR) courses. The class worked on real time problems in a real time open collaborative environment.


  • They learned how robots and spiders work in search engines
  • They learned what toolbars and browsers to use when sourcing
  • They wrote a number of Boolean strings and auotmated them to find plastic and electrical engineers using Google
  • They studied the plastics industry using Twitter and Tweetdeck so they could make more informed decisions around what was happening in the industry e.g. events to attend, conference detail that could lead to leads.