Personal Branding Training

We offer world class personal branding training to help our clients  build their online brand  using the latest social media techniques harnessing LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to their full potential.

We’ve worked for LinkedIn and Microsoft in recruitment management and understand what catches an employers eye and how to approach them with your online profile.

This is a one day course costing 250 euros per attendee.

Course Outline

  • What is the structure of a recruitment department
  • What do recruitment managers and recruiters think about and worry about
  • Why you’ve only got 60 seconds or less to impress
  • How world class recruiters now source – the art of passive candidate hunting
  • How to build a cloud CV, or online identity that supercharges (and in some cases replaces) your CV
  • How to use LinkedIn to its maximum
  • How to study the market place, analyse potential companies org charts and automated the searching process for jobs
  • How to apply for a job and catch attention
  • How to study your interviewers profiles before you set foot in the interview
To learn more drop us an email and we’d be happy to let you know when the next training sessions are and where. The course is also available for companies in house for redundancy situations.

This course is supported by the Social Media Skills Net organisation (