HR Social Media Masterclass

We provide training courses for HR professionals of all levels that want to understand how to use the internet and social media more effectively for themselves and their departments. We now live in a professionally networked world and there are huge benefits to understanding the full potential of social networks and the internet.  We offer a popular course called “Masterclass in social media for HR“, which is a one day course and dives into such topics as:

  • Why social media is so important and the latest changes in the market place
  • We take a deep interactive dive into LinkedIn to learn how to: grow your network, “pimp your profile”, maximise the use of groups to post jobs for free and drive your own personal and company brand and much more.  We also learn the LinkedIn Hack (don’t worry it’s not illegal) to access 95% of the networks profiles for free.
  • We discuss and look at the types of policies companies are using for social media
  • We dive into best in practice direct sourcing techniques to help you save time and reduce costs. We spend considerable time learning Boolean logic and writing “strings” to find passive candidates – this part of the class is practical with everyone expected to do exercises the answers to which we share with all the attendees so we can learn from each other
  • We learn how world class companies are using social media to proactive source and build an employment brand (here we look at some of the best techniques when using Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Facebook)
  • We discuss why mobile technologies are so important and why apps are changing the way we communicate
  • Where is the future bringing us and how to prepare for it
The course can also be tailorised for in-house training to cater for your specific needs. It runs from 10.30 to 4.30pm and everyone is expected to bring a laptop with them. A detailed manual will be provided to all participants. The cost of  the course is 399 euro per individual but discounts are in place for group bookings.